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Franklin Community Schools Cub Quest
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CUB QUEST | Foreign Language

Spanish Prep Course
Dates: July 23rd - 27th
Entering Grades: Middle School & High School Students
Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Location: Custer Baker Intermediate School (CBIS)
Cost: $105
Maximum Limit: 22 Participants per Session
Minimum Limit: 8 Participants per Session
Online Registration

If you are planning to take Intro to World Languages, Spanish I or II in the fall, you may want to consider taking a Spanish Preparation Course.  This class will focus on the areas where students of Spanish get overwhelmed or confused.  We will cover sentence structure, verb conjugations, masculine/feminine agreement, and vocabulary.  Each student will receive a folder with material specific to the level they will be entering.

Christa Intriago - Licensed Teacher (World Cultures CBIS)